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Elevate your workspace with quality accessories from Ergolab. Offering simple to install, easy to use de-cluttering tools to clear up desk space and eliminate hazards in and around your work area. From wireless charging to cable management, we have a solution for you.

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Edge Power

Edge has a 60W USB C & A Charger combination, deal solution to charge small/medium and even larger power hungry notebooks. Charges any electronic device, without an external power supply unit, quickly and safely . A modular designed power unit clamped to the edge of your workstation with a “C Clamp”. Single and dual power circuits for dedicated applications (two completely independent circuits within a single housing). Through wiring to allow for “daisy chain” installations via interconnect leads. Unique “data pass thru”- : presents user data cables in a convenient way while being integrated into the power set.
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Grid Power

The essential styling offers a clean, functional presence. Grid Power increases efficiency and can suit any office environment with an anodised aluminium body for strong and robust durability. Single and dual power circuits for dedicated applications (two completely independent circuits within a single housing) . Through wiring to allow for “daisy chain” installations via interconnect leads and splitter block.
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Vertical Cable Riser

Inspired by the spine of a tree climbing animal. This aluminium vertabea designed cage clips neatly onto the leg of your Float and houses your cables as they make their journey to an often-misplaced power source. A neater floor leads to a neater office. Available in Black and White to match your Float legs and the cage clips seamlessly on and off.
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Desk Top Charger

Wireless charging technology had a slow start with various rival technologies competing. With the advent of Apple recently selecting the Qi (pronounced “chee”) for its iPhones it is expected to accelerate the roll-out of wireless charging. Qi is similar to how a wireless electric toothbrush recharges. Initially only 2,5 Watt charging were allowed for a relatively slow charge but now 5 Watt and even 10 Watt systems are comparable to wired charges. This foldable 10 watt charger is the perfect addition to any workstation. (USB - TYPE C adapter and cable included)
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Neat Tech Cable Management

Neat Tech is an innovative cable management solution that is compatible with most workstations. Its lightweight mesh basket stores power strips and cables neatly and safely off the floor whilst your height adjustable desk moves up and down effortlessly.NeatTech features unique Velcro ties to secure wayward cables and offers easy access once installed.
R 3 090,00 incl VAT
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NEATLINKS Cable Management

Ideal for neat and tidy home environment and private or open plan offices, the award-winning NEATLINKS cable management system makes the tangled clutter of cables, power strips and ballasts a thing of the past. NEATLINKS promotes a more organized workspace and gets wires off the floor to keep under-desk areas hazard-free and easy to clean.
R 540,00 incl VAT
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