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Ergonomic Tools

Complete your workstation with our ergonomic accessories – providing additional comfort and reducing stress.

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Ergonomic Foot Rocker

The award-winning Humanscale FM500 delivers effortless functionality in a simple, stylish package. Foot Rockers promote health and comfort by getting the user’s feet moving whilst providing support for the feet and legs when sitting. This addition to the workstation provides instant relief from prolonged sitting by increasing circulation while also raising the feet to relieve pressure on the lower back.
R 3 005,00 incl VAT

Humanscale L6 Laptop Holder

The L6 Notebook Manager dramatically improves user comfort and reduces the risk of long-term injury by promoting good ergonomic posture while using a laptop computer. Ideal for full-time workstations, home offices, hospitality applications, and any other workspace in which a laptop computer is regularly used, the versatile L6 offers a number of practical features: Cable management, heat ventilation, security features, and an optional removable USB hub.
R 3 485,00 incl VAT

At the core, our ergonomic accessories are made to encourage healthy movement in the workplace. The right tools will fit both the user and fulfil its intended purpose, comfortably. Our ergonomic office accessories will significantly reduce your risk of developing or worsening any underlying musculoskeletal issues.

Humanscale office tools are made to enhance your workstation and will complete your setup. Transform your office with our ergonomic tools and explore a more productive way to work. Your health is our priority.

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