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Change the way you play forever

Having the perfect gaming set up shouldn't necessarily equate to the biggest screen, the flashiest RGB lights, or even your hardware itself. Rather the perfect set up is one which supports your body and spine as you move freely throughout the day and night. Ease back pain, headaches, and other discomfort caused by being seated in a non-ergonomic space with a desk setup that adjusts as seamlessly as you do. Browse Ergolab's range of excellent Humanscale products designed with ergonomics in mind.
Play longer. Play better. Win Games.

Never miss a beat with seamless transition from sitting to standing

The Humanscale FLOAT is the last desk any gamer will ever need with seamless adjustments to posture without interrupting your session. With minimalistic aesthetics, FLOAT compliments any room or workspace with its sleek design.

FLOAT’s unique counterbalance mechanism makes the table simple to adjust, so you can always find the ideal height for health and comfort while playing.

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Frames don't always win games – comfort does

Change the way you play with the Humanscale Freedom chair, the ultimate gaming chair that will adapt to your body as you play, letting you move freely while focusing on the quest at hand.

Experience exceptional comfort with a pivoting backrest and articulating headrest - automatically adjusting to the needs of the spine throughout the day.

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Create the ultimate dynamic display with sleek monitor arms

Set yourself and your screens up for success with Humanscale’s robust and flexible range of monitor arms, freeing up room on your desk and allowing for the perfect setting based on how you play.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, Humanscale monitor arms are sleek, durable and adjustable to any position. From the elegant single arm M2.1, to M/Flex's modular multi-monitor system - offering great versatility for your gaming setup.

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