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Monitor Arm Information


In today’s digital world, most people have at least two computer monitors in their work setup. If you are fortunate enough to fall in this category you’ll know how awkward it can be to try and fit both your screens onto your desk. Not to mention the neck spasms you get from bouncing between them.

Having your monitor(s) at the right height is crucial in maintaining a healthy posture, whether you are sitting or standing while you work. An ergonomic workstation is not complete without an adjustable monitor arm that can be adjusted to your requirements. These arms (also called mounts or brackets) promote a clutter-free workspace and support a healthier, more ergonomic working posture.

Key aspects to consider when buying a monitor arm:

  • The adjustable height and arm reach of the monitor mount. This will depend on your individual needs and workspace requirements.
  • Strength and stability are factors that you don’t want to compromise on as it is very important that your monitor arm is secure and strong enough to carry the weight of your screen.
  • Flexibility is also important as it enables a more dynamic workstation.
  • Overall look and feel are important, but the aesthetic shouldn’t overpower the existing workspace.
  • Warranty and money-back guarantee. Humanscale monitor arms have a 30-day money-back guarantee and come with a 10-15-year 24/7 warranty.

Why should I purchase a monitor arm?

As consumers, we all know that we are only compelled to buy items that add intrinsic value to our lifestyle. At Ergolab we recognise the needs of our customers and the importance of maintaining an ergonomic workspace. This is how the use of a monitor arm can add value to your life and health:

  • A monitor arm can help align your monitor at the correct height to prevent eye and neck strain.
  • The mount allows the user to work in a healthy posture by setting the monitor at an optimal distance/height.
  • It helps to eliminate cable clutter by hiding cables within the arm and increases desk space.
  • Collaboration and productivity are made easy through effortless screen sharing.


Are monitor arms compatible with all screen types?

Regardless of the weight, width, or curve of your screen, it should be compatible with the majority of reputable monitor arm brands. Our monitor brackets can support 95% of VESA compliant monitors in use today (weighing in at 7-9kgs per monitor and no larger than 23 inches in a side by side configuration). Apart from screen types, they’re also fully compatible with most standard traditional desks or sit/stand workstations.


How many monitors can I use in my setup?

We realise that everyone is unique and so are their hardware needs, that is why there are different monitor arms available on the market. How many monitors you use will greatly depend on your needs. Our Humanscale product range includes a single monitor mount, as well as an arm that can support up to 6 monitors. This multi-monitor system is called the M/Flex arm and can seamlessly go from 1 to 6 monitors in minutes. Reconfiguring it doesn’t require tools - bonus! Most of our monitor arms are built primarily from recycled materials.

The Ergolab Team knows that a well-designed monitor mount is ultra-sleek, exceptionally durable, and easy to adjust. Whether you want to mount 1 or up to 6 monitors, we have you covered with the best in the business.

Say yes to less clutter, extra space, and a better posture. Check out our range of monitor arms. We want you to live in connected comfort.