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Shipping & returns

Service Delivery, Service Availability, Ownership

  1. Ergolab will use reasonable endeavors to make its services available to you, and to maintain the availability thereof for use by you. However, we provide the services “as is” and “as available” and do not warrant or guarantee that the services will at all times be free of errors or interruptions, be always available, fit for any purpose, not infringe any third party rights, be secure and reliable, or will conform to your delivery timeline requirements subject always to the provisions of the CPA where applicable.
  2. Ergolab will use its best endeavors to notify you in advance of any maintenance and repairs which may result in the unavailability of a service, but cannot always guarantee this.
  3. Goods will be delivered by our courier services or own vehicles to street addresses only at the time and date agreed with you. Our courier or own vehicle will attempt to deliver 3 (three) times, to the street address specified by you in the checkout process, where after we will cancel the order and refund any monies due to you.
  4. The cost of delivery will be specified during the checkout process.
  5. Ownership in the goods will pass on the Purchase Date. Risk will pass on deliver

Incorrect or Damaged Delivery of Goods

  1. If the container the goods are delivered in is damaged do not accept the goods.
  2. If the incorrect quantity of goods is delivered, please contact us so that we may correct the error.