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Sit Stand Comparison

Switching between seated and standing postures throughout the day is not only good for energy and productivity, but for overall health. If you're seeking a completely new work surface, Float, our sit and stand desk, is the ultimate standing desk. Alternatively, established work surfaces can easily transform into sit stand desks with the height-adjustable QuickStand Eco.

Still unsure of which sit stand solution is best suited to you? The table below highlights key points to guide you in selecting the most appropriate Humanscale sit stand desk for your workspace.

Humanscale Sit Stand Chart ComparisonQSEFloat
Product colours:
Available in WhiteYesYes
Available in BlackYesYes
5 years & 24/7YesYes
Product weight:
Approximately 26kgYesNo
Approximately xxxxNoYes
Supporting weight:
Up to 15.9kgYesYes
Up to 60kgNoYes
Portable sit stand solutionYesNo
Table top optional finishes available:
Compatible with users customised table topNoYes
Adjustability height range:
Up to 472mm (from desk height)YesYes
Up to 508mm (from lowest Float desk setting)NoYes
Declare labelYesYes
Counterbalance weight-tension mechanismYesYes
Able to accomodate monitor arm/sNoYes
Compatibility with laptopYesYes
Compatibility with single screenYesYes
Compatibility with dual (two) screensYesYes
Compatibility with three or more screensNoYes
Cable managementYesNo
Added features:
Neat Link tray (additional cable management)NoYes
Keyboard mechanismNoYes
Manual adjustability optionYesYes
Electronic adjustability optionNoNo
Surface area/platform dimensions:
1200mm to 1800mm width x 600mm to 800mm depthNoYes
711mm wide x 483mm depthYesNo